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Summer Classics Home - Jacksonville, FL

After the removal of a layer of self-leveling and some significant repair work the floor was ground to level. For a unique decorative concrete design we, then, created a square saw cut pattern with 3’x 3’ squares. Finally, the over 10,000 sq.ft. floor was polished up to a satin level of shine and sealed with an impregnating sealer.

The Downtown Duval Building - Jacksonville, FL

This project included about 5,000 sq.ft. of polished concrete as well as a quartz system Epoxy floor in a historic building in downtown, Jacksonville. While the already functional private office were in a good condition, the lobby area and newly remodeled office suites needed extensive patching and some extra care to get them to a smooth and highly polished finish (3000 grit).

San Marco Club - Jacksonville, FL

We were retained by the San Marco Club to complete a decorative Epoxy system in a 2-phase project. Key for this 2,000 sq.ft. project was the right preparation of the concrete floor to create a profile for the Epoxy coatings. Over an designer metallic Epoxy we applied a Polyurethane top coat with some additive for grip. 

The Guardian Catholic Schools - Jacksonville, FL

To produce a low maintenance floor that can keep up with the heavy foot traffic and further has a low coefficient of friction we cut the floor to a full aggregate exposure (Class C) and left it at a matte finish (400 grit).

Wing Palace -
Jacksonville, FL

After the old tiles got removed we ground the floor to take off any remaining residue. After the floor was stained we sealed it with a clear top coat.

Sadler Point Marine Center - Jacksonville, FL

On this project both of our crews, the natural stone restoration one and the polished concrete one, were working together to restore 3,700 sq.ft. of Terrazzo as well as polish some concrete areas. 

Willie Jewell's Bar-B-Q

As a subcontractor we provided our polished concrete services to the following projects:
Willie Jewell’s Old School Bar-B-Q - Tallahassee, FL
Willie Jewell’s Old School Bar-B-Q - Peachtree City, GA
Willie Jewell’s Old School Bar-B-Q - Marietta, GA
Willie Jewell’s Old School Bar-B-Q - Aiken, SC
The scope of each project included about 2,000 sq.ft. of floor preparation, concrete staining and concrete polishing.

Batteries + Bulbs

Working closely with a local contractor we completed about 1,500-1,800 sq.ft. of polished concrete at the following locations:
Batteries Plus Bulbs - St. Augustine, FL
Batteries Plus Bulbs - Lake City, FL